About Letin Automations

LETIN AUTOMATIONS is the brain child of one of the founders of the company which was the early starters of Home Automation and Entrance Automation in south India.

Having over 15 years of experience and the expertise gained after having executed more than 1000 projects which are straight forward and sites with complexities, LETIN AUTOMATIONS focuses on providing the best of the best solutions in Entrance Automation and Entrance Management which gives value to money.

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Letin Automations is honored to receive a token of appreciation for “Excellence in Residential & Industrial Entrance Automation” from the prestigious The Times Group’s ET EXCELLENCE’ 2023


Our Solutions

Entrance Automation and Management is all about automating the gates, doors, shutters, glass doors, barriers, turnstiles and integrating them with access readers such as long range readers which enables the users manage their entrances with ease and with less manpower.

Our Services


Comprehensive Annual Maintenance

Comprehensive Annual Maintenance includes 4 free visits to the sites and the spares of the motors*.

*Conditions Apply.


Non Comprehensive Annual Maintenance

Non Comprehensive Annual Maintenance includes 4 free visits to the sites and spares would be charged as required and as per actuals *

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