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Sectional Doors of different variants

This is one of the best automation solutions available for Garage Doors which can be opened using a RF Remote which can be fixed on the dash board of your car. There are 3 types of fixtures central, side and double side. No periodic maintenance required, self-diagnosis function of the safety devices before the operator goes into service.

When you live in a metro city, one has to go over in demand to direct the slender streets and how effortlessly they can get blocked with bikes and cars. Time being, if you want to get out car or do anything, one doesn’t even have space for closing the garage gates at home ! Hence, These entrances can close robotically with the flip of a switch or a touch of a button, by this means saving a lot of time for you.

Features :

  • Extraordinary variety of designs and colours to set the aesthetics of your home.
  • Garage sectional doors are informal to use
  • Garage sectional doors have suitable electric drive structure.
  • Garage sectional doors open and close mildly because of their combined soft-start and soft-stop.
  • Push-open safety device defends against robberies.
  • Noiseless process

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You can get the best automatic garage door for your home or office easily at Letin Automation offers the most well-organized solutions in the field of automation at Hyderabad. We provide you with perfect garage door solution for you ! You can select the material and the designs of the gate as per your requirements.

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Let it Automations is a smart garage controller that adds skills to your normal Garage Door Automation and also provides best Rolling Shutter Automation.

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